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Stuff I Think About on the John
Wednesday, 4 August 2004
So I lied...
Mood:  caffeinated
Well...I said I would update this frequently - I lied. Actually, it's been a hectic month, baby showers, getting the nursery ready, work, I haven't had much time to sit and type.

Also, our webpage hasn't been updated for awhile. This is because we reinstalled everything on our PC after I upgraded it, and the web program hasn't been reinstalled. We do have plenty of things to update, including baby shower pics, stuff for the nursery April ordered off ebay, and getting some of the stuff back online from the previous version of the website. I'm shooting to have the website program reinstalled by this weekend so we can work on it. It sounds like quite a bit of rain coming, so that would give an excuse to work on the computer.

Not much new going on for us. Basically we've been focusing on getting ready for the big event, although this weekend we're hoping to take it easy, at least on Saturday, as it feels like there has been a major event or trip out of town every weekend lately!

Not much left to say today, it's 8AM, I log in at 11:30AM, so I've got some time, gonna play some games. Work lately has kind of sucked, especially Mondays when the calls don't stop pretty much all day. For some reason, the evenings have become busy too, I'm not sure if the company is just shorthanding us at night, or if the calls at night are increasing, all I know is that the time when I used to be able to relax is now busy.

Honestly, that is the most confusing thing for me about this job is the time of people's calls. You're on disability, why do you insist on calling Monday or after 5PM? If you're not working, just wait until Tuesday rather than bitching to me that we have a hold time. Or, if you know damn well that you have a major issue, and you know the person processing your claim is in Maine, why do you call at 6PM and get all pissed off that they are not in the office?

I had someone the other day yell "I thought you were in 8AM-8PM, why aren't they there?". Because they don't work a 60hr week you retard! I don't mind if people really don't know what's going on, I don't mind taking 30min when needed to explain every little possible thing, but to just be plain stupid about things, like expecting a person to keep those hours is ridiculous.

Hmmm...I guess I've rambled long enough, maybe my next post will be about the next level of caller I hate, the condescending asshole...

Posted by littlefieldlounge at 8:06 AM EDT
Tuesday, 15 June 2004
Too early and too hot
Mood:  irritated
Well, it's almost 9AM, and I've been up for about 2.5 hours as April had to work early today and have some blood work done prior to going to work. It's ridiculously warm in the office - but yet here I sit, half awake - way too hot - browsing the web randomly.

I have the day off today - April has a doctor's appt in Portland in the afternoon that split my day up to the point that it would have been pointless to go into work - even though it would have been the first day of my training class. We are planning on wandering Portland a bit - looking at cribs again to get a better idea of what's available. Also going to go to Bestbuy as they carry the digital camera we want - Walmart's display model had no batteries so we couldn't get a look at the menus.

Other than that - pretty uneventful day so far... I'll probably be hitting the PS2 or Gamecube soon - with an hour break for Price is Right of course. I think that the greatest invention ever created by man has to be Plinko.

Posted by littlefieldlounge at 9:00 AM EDT
Monday, 14 June 2004
First Post
Mood:  happy
Well, welcome to my new page & new blog. I'm now up to my third blog - hopefully this one I'll manage to keep going a bit more active.

With that said - I probably won't be posting much the first two weeks. I normally do things like post to the website in the morning - prior to logging in to work for the day (11:30am). However, for the next few weeks, I'll be in training from 8 - 4:30 or so - so much less time to do entries. I'll at least be able to post weekends and Mondays (no training Mondays).

So, new events for me - well, first the obvious - April is due in September so right now we're all about getting the nursery ready (or destroying my office, depending on how you look at things). We are buying everything we can possible with sheep on it for the nursery and will start shopping for the "big ticket" items soon.

I'm currently on a hiatus from Star Wars collecting - not by choice of mine, but by the choice of the makers of the toys who have decided to release absolutely nothing new for at least another month. I'm completely caught up with my collection - so it's actually a nice break.

My gaming has been pretty much an even split between Medal of Honor Frontline and Amplitude (both on the PS2). Also - I finally beat Yi Ar Kungfu (the old arcade game) on my Gameboy.

We've also gone to see the new Shrek and Harry Potter flicks, both were really good - well worth theater prices. Also - I won a copy of Bubba Ho-Tep the story of two seniors in a retirement home who have to fight the mummy. One of them thinks he's Elvis, the other JFK. Really good movie as well, if you can find a copy, well worth watching.

Other than that - same old same old...well, gotta's ready!

Posted by littlefieldlounge at 10:12 AM EDT

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